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  TENS / EMS Electrode Pads

These are our standard premium SELF-ADHESIVE and REUSABLE Replacement electrodes for TENS/EMS units and come in packs of 4 (some are Brown cloth backed and some are white cloth backed). They are cloth backed (White and Tan) and have a single 0.08" female pin style connector. These electrodes will work with all of our EMS and TENS units (except the Pro-Muscle Massager - uses SNAP connector pads below) and most other manufacturer's EMS and TENS models. These self-adhesive pads do not need extra conductive gel. The Rubber non-adhesive electrode pads will require a conductive gel for use. For best results, it is recommended that you replace the electrodes as soon as the conductive gel starts to wear down. This will generally occur anywhere from 10-30 uses (depending on use). You can increase the lifespan of your electrodes by keeping them in the air tight package when not in use, cleaning your skin prior to putting the pads on your skin and rubbing a small drop of water on the electrode pad after each use. Opened or used electrodes can not be returned for a refund. For Extended use and treatment times over 30 minutes per session, we recommend that you purchase the Premium Deluxe Electrode Pads.

USPS MAIL Shipping (5-10 business days) is only $3.50 for up to 5 packs of pads if you select "USPS Mail Small Items".

Standard PIN CONNECTOR TENS / EMS Self-Adhesive Electrode Pads
One Pack of Electrodes (4 pads) - Starting at $5
10 Packs of Electrodes (40 pads) - $39.95
100 Packs of Electrodes (400 pads) - $299.95
Self-Adhesive Electrodes - Other sizes
Rubber Non-Adhesive Electrode - One
2" Wide Velcro Straps -
Lead Wires - 2 Pack of #1, #2 or #3
SNAP CONNECTOR Self-Adhesive Electrode Pads
Snap Electrodes Double circle 1.8x2.8"cloth backed (4-Pack) - $5.95
Snap Electrodes 1.5x1.5" square cloth backed (4-Pack) - $4.95
Snap Electrodes 2" ROUND cloth backed (4-Pack) - $5.95
Snap Electrodes 3" ROUND cloth backed (4-Pack) - $6.95

CLICK HERE for Conductive Vital Gel for the rubber Non-adhesive TENS / EMS electrode pads




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