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Inversion Traction Unit


Inverting is as easy as 1..2..3

Step into unit and ensure pelvic (hip) bones are a minimum of 3 cm above the top of thigh support/seat.

Lean forward while holding handle grips. To raise restraint bar, raise one foot.

Grasp side-grips and tip forward. Continue to M-Beam until fully inverted. Relax.

This is the correct position for natural traction to occur. Height adjustment may be required as user begins to stretch out. Be sure that head is not touching floor during inversion. Adjust height and femur dial if necessary to ensure that only your thigh is on thigh pad and that you are hanging straight. Thigh pad should be fairly level (as shown in picture).

Inversion Traction Unit (IT01)- $495

INVERSION UNIT - New. Lower back pain relief in a comfortable, portable, easy to use design. Helps to eliminate daily stress and tension by stretching spine and back muscles allowing complete relaxation. Standard unit for individuals up to 6'4". Leg Extension arms accommodate individuals 6'4" - 6'8"
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Height Clearance Measurements

To determine if your patient will be accommodated on the Invertrac we recommend that you refer to the diagram and clearance measurements on the unit.


(Highest Setting)
36 1/2" with pad compressed
38 1/2" with pad not compressed






The effects of gravity on the human form are reversed by hanging inverted on the Inversion unit. Tension on the spine is relieved and vertebrae are separated, easing pressure on the discs. If a disc has slipped, (herniated) instant relief from pain may occur by releasing the "pinch" of the nerve when it returns to its normal position. Displaced vertebrae, (the cause of back pain) are realigned and muscle spasms are reduced. Inversion may not only instantly relieve back ailments, but may aid in chronic spinal difficulties.


"Man spends a full two-thirds of his life erect, fighting gravity. Learn how to counteract its effect."

Gravity exacts a high price in terms of health on humans who have the audacity to stand and stride on only two legs. Overcoming gravity through the vertical posture is a remarkable achievement which has allowed man to freely use his hands and his brain to create a culture and civilization of increasing sophistication, but not without "paying the piper". Gravity exacts a toll from the species that spawned her.

Man spends a full two-thirds of his life erect, fighting gravity. As in any other battle he is inevitably scarred in the process. His spinal column is compressed, in many cases leading to a very painful degeneration of the discs. His circulation is impaired, causing loss of nourishment to and decreased function in vital glands, organs and tissues. His respiratory capacity is diminished, inevitably leading to enfeeblement. His lymphatic system stagnates, causing incomplete removal of toxic waste products from the system and also the potential for a breakdown in his immune system's ability to protect him from lethal disease. If this sounds depressing, it need not. Anyone truly concerned about his or her health can counteract the effects of gravity for a few minutes each day. That's all it takes to undo much of the harm. And it's as simple as turning upside down on the Invertrac™.

Turning upside down or inversion, as it is popularly known, allows gravity to treat us like a friend instead of an enemy. Inversion is a health promoting technique whose benefits have been well accepted for centuries. Shirsasana (the head stand) is considered one of the most important of the yoga postures because it rejuvenates the entire body. The Invertrac™ makes it possible to easily and safely practice this age old technique.

Inversion practiced for only a few minutes each day will help to correctly align the spinal column. The lumbar vertebrae and sacrum support virtually the entire weight of the human body above the waist. This area is particularly sensitive to injury because it is subjected to this extensive pressure continually. The traction caused by inversion relieves the pressure, allowing the lumbar to become correctly aligned by returning the discs to their normal contour and resiliency. In most cases lower back pain vanishes in a matter of minutes. Consistently practiced for a few minutes each day, inversion can spell the end of lower chronic back pain caused by the unremitting pressure on the discs and nerves. Studies have shown inversion elongates the spine, releasing pressure and relieving pain in patients' chronic lower back pain.

Circulation is greatly enhanced through inversion. Elongation of the spine causes joint separation and decompression of blood vessels throughout the spine and other parts of the body. This results in increased blood flow to these sensitive tissue. Drawing more blood and nourishment to the joints can help in the regeneration of damaged tissue, particularly the spinal discs. The elongation and proper alignment of the spine enhances blood-nourishment flow to the spinal discs, which may prevent the degeneration commonly manifested as chronic backache and spinal disc and nerve damage. Spinal traction is often used as a rehabilitating measure with remarkable success even in cases of extensive disc deterioration.

Standing and sitting has an adverse effect in venous blood flow from the lower extremities back to the heart. Gravity causes blood stasis in the legs and abdominal region. As a result, venous blood is incompletely evacuated from these areas and our overall perfusion is diminished. Inversion remedies this situation by reversing the effect of gravity, using gravity to aid in the removal of venous blood from the legs and abdominal organs. The venous blood is able to recirculate because its return to the heart is more rapid. With this additional venous blood, the total volume of arterial blood in circulation is increased, more blood is purified and oxygenated by the lungs; toxins are more efficiently and thoroughly removed from the body and all the organs and tissues receive maximum perfusion with oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood. There is a surge of vitality throughout the entire body.

The stimulation caused by enhanced circulation is nowhere more profoundly felt than in the brain. This little dynamo uses about one-fourth of the calories we consume each day and requires perfusion by 2000 quarts of blood every 24 hours. Usually gravity acts to retard blood flow to the brain, the very place we need it most. Inversion recruits gravity's help in getting more blood to the brain. Experiments at an eastern university have shown brain accuracy improves fourteen percent and brain processing is seven percent faster when a person is inverted; memory and ability to concentrate are also enhanced. Beside aiding circulation to the brain, improved venous blood evacuation from the lower extremities also can help to improve cases of varicose veins of the legs.

The benefits of better circulation are felt in the sensory organs as well. Improved eye sight and hearing are commonly experienced benefits. The cerebellum, a small organ the size of a baseball situated at the base of the brain, is responsible for coordination of bodily movements and balance. Increased irrigation of the cerebellum results in better coordination and balance. As such, inversion may become an indispensable tool, particularly for dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, boxers, wrestlers and anyone else engaged in an athletic endeavor requiring sophisticated movement and superior coordination.

Inversion stimulates endocrine gland activity, particularly the pituitary, hypothalamus and thyroid. These glands regulate our entire metabolic activity and our metabolism improves when these glands are better nourished and decongested with the aid of inversion. A yoga expert, writing on the value of the head stand in aiding the endocrine system states: 'Shirsansana regularized their (pituitary, hypothalamus) function together with that of the thyroid which above all controls the metabolism and contributes greatly to keeping the organism young'.

The liver and digestive system experience healthful stimulation when inversion is practiced. Inversion helps drain the liver of accumulated venous blood. When the liver is decongested in this way, the influx of additional oxygenated blood improves digestive function. Kidney, stomach, colon, intestines, all benefit from inversion. As digestion and peristaltic action are improved, constipation is often relieved without recourse to laxatives.

The lymphatic system receives little attention, yet it is of utmost importance to long life and good health. The lymphatic-immune system carries out a number of activities, including the restoration of lost plasma protein in the blood circulatory system. The lymphatic vessels and nodes also play an important role in the immune system which protects us from disease. Unlike the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic system carries out a mechanism compared to the heart. Lymphatic circulation depends on movement and exercise to propel lymph flow. Inversion helps to stimulate lymph flow back to the heart, to the place (thoracic duct) where the lymphatic circulation connects with the venous system. Improved lymph flow can spell the difference between health and serious illness.

The daily practice of inversion sessions can be the key to a longer, healthier and more productive life. Using gravity to our advantage only makes good sense.

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