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New LipoSpray delivery system uses revolutionary liposome technology that works fast and lasts longer than traditional geltabs and capsules.

Liposomes are highly complex microscopic liquid spheres, 1/50th the diameter of a human hair. They encapsulate water and the chosen active ingredient inside a highly purified lecithin membrane. The liposome traps the nutient in multiple layers and unravels like an onion, releasing the nutrient over an extended period of time.

Carrying a nutrient within a liposome also makes it more lipophilic- enhancing the nutrient's bioavailability dramatically. The liposomes are delivered under the tongue, via a sublingual oral spray, known as a Lipoceutical. This method delivers the majority of the nutrient directly through the mucosal membrane, so a greater amount of the nutrient reaches the bloodstream.

80 Sprays each Lipoceutical

  GinkgoBiloba (20 mg) - $21.00
Pregnenolone Spray (10 mg) 80 sprays - $11.00



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