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Exercise Equipment

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Differences between the types of TENS/EMS Stimulators

Most products are shipped within 24hrs and arrive in a week or less!

NEW iJoy Exercise Board Balance Trainer - The motorized iJoy® Board balance trainer keeps your legs fresh, toned and ready to carve the slopes, grind a rail or catch a wave. Just hop on and press a button on the infrared wireless remote control and experience the simulated motion of a snowboard, skateboard or surfboard in action. Have fun while exercising with this unique balance-training device.
Ordering Info.

NEW iJoy Ride Exercise Balance Trainer - The iJoy™ Ride is a unique and exciting way to work out! It has been engineered to work your core muscles by challenging your balance. It does all the work-you just sit back, keep your balance, and have fun! The iJoy™ Ride's three-axis motion challenges three different muscle groups. Test your skills by varying the speed of the iJoy™ Ride or choose the auto-program and let the iJoy™ Ride take control; dishing out a combination of all four speeds. You really can't go wrong working out on the iJoy™ Ride. As you work to keep your balance, you?re working your muscles. So, make it fun! Express yourself! .
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Gym Exercise Balls - original ball fitness and wellness gym exercise balls. These burst-resistant exercise balls are now being used by people of all ages and abilities to improve: Balance, Coordination, Strength, Flexibility, Posture, Back Care and Cardiovascular Fitness. Include exercise ball, exercise chart and pump(deluxe packages). Ordering Info. $14.95 - $199.95

VITAL STIM Electronic Muscle Stimulation Masage Units. For the relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing range of motion, reduction and prevention of muscle atrophy, reeducation of muscles and increasing local blood circulation. For relief from minor pain (joint pains, muscle aches, etc) and stress. To strengthen muscles, improve overall appearance, and enhance your physical training. How to Order/More Information

VITAL STIM 4000 Four channels and 12 pads. Compare at $500 $295
VITAL STIM 4000R EMS/TENS/Russian Stim Compare at $500 $350

Portable Electronic Muscle Stimulation Unit (VITAL EMS 400) For the relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing range of motion, reduction and prevention of muscle atrophy, reeducation of muscles and increasing local blood circulation. Dual Channel variable control unit. OPTIONAL 110V AC Power Adapter. Ordering Info. $75.95

TENS/EMS ELECTRODES - 1.5" x 1.5", 1.8" x 1.8", 2" Round four pack of replacement electrodes for TENS/EMS units.   Ordering Info. $7.00

TENS/EMS LEAD WIRES - Ordering Info. $10.00

Vital Care Body Muscle Massager - uses very mild electrical current to exercise your muscles. Help to erase that muscle tension, headache, neck tension and foot discomfort. Small completely compact unit is easy to use.

Dual Channel electronic massage unit can massage two muscle groups at a time.  One Year Replacement Warranty. Ordering Info. $59.95


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